What is President Hassan Sheikh’s dodgy plan for Al-Shabab?

The President of the Federal Republic, Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, yesterday reached the Mahas district in Hiran region, to speed up the second phase of the fight against terrorism.

The Minister of Petroleum and Minerals of the Government of the Federal Republic, Abdirisaq Omar Mohamed, who is from Mahas area, told outlet media about the purpose of the President’s visit.

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The minister said that Mahas district is an important place on the border, and it was already part of the first phase of the war, therefore, President Hassan Sheikh chose to lead the war in Mahas district, and to make a new organization to ending Al-Shabab, using the experience of the people of Mahas, the Minister said.

Abdirisaq Omar said that the Minister of Justice and the Constitution Hassan Moalim and other MPs are in Mahas district and they are working with the President.

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He said that we want the same mistake that happened in Galmudug not to happen here, the minister cited the Awsweyn war as an example and pointed out that this problem has happened due to lack of communication.

President Hassan Sheikh, who is benefiting from the experience of the Mahas people, last night had a long meeting alone with Ali Jeyte Osman, who says that the President of a regional government called Hiran State. Ali Jeyte claims that oppression was done to the people of Hiran by the President and his community as he argued.

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President Hassan Sheikh who has already announced that he will end the war against Al-Shabab within five months and that he will sweep it away, has now left Galmudug and is sitting in Hiran.

On the other hand, the reports say that the President will soon go to New York City where he will be attending the General Assembly of the United Nations.

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Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud appointed the founder of Al-Shabab terrorist group Mukhtar Robow as the Minister for Endowment and Religious Affairs was a big mistake. This is a parochial view of peacebuilding.

Somali spy chief Mahad Salad is a member of Al-Shabab terrorist group, who is lacking prior intelligence experience and education. An Intelligence Agency does not adumbrate its successes on a daily basis specially when it is fighting a deadly insurgency. According to former Somali spy chief Fahad Yasin Mahad Salad is a double agent.

Somalia is a country that has been plagued by corruption for decades. The government has been identified as one of the main sources of corruption in the country.