Business Trade Representative Maryan Hassan resigned being undermined by the government of President Farmajo.

Business Trade Representative to Somalia Representative Maryan Hassan resigned amid allegations that she had been regularly undermined by senior government officials. Maryan was appointed by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud five years ago and is a highly respected professional scholar. In a tweet, Maryan said: “I submitted my resignation tonight to President Mohamed Farmajo. It has been a great honor for me to represent my country at the WTO, as the head of our first trade negotiations with Somalia. ”

“Although I had the full support of the president, I was constantly undermined. I am a professional, not a politician. I put my head down, I was doing my job. Unfortunately, senior officials last week canceled our progress, leading to diplomatic violence. Maryan did not disclose what happened, and who she was not concerned Somalia applied on December 12, 2015 to join the World Trade Organization (WTO), and in December 2016 a committee was formed to look into the case in Somalia.

Who is Maryan Hassan?

Prior to becoming head of the WTO Somalia business negotiations, Mary worked in a region including the International Chamber of Commerce and the UN Mission in Somalia. She also advised the Somali national prosecutor’s office on issues related to international treatment laws and international criminal law, such as the transfer of Somali prisoners to other countries, especially those arrested in the Indian Ocean on piracy charges.

Maryan Hassan studied law at a top University in London.