Can tribal militias, Somalia president Hassan Sheikh free the country from Al-Shabab?

File Photo/Somali Times

The previous governments in Somalia and the large number of foreign forces in the country have been planning for a long time to free Al-Shabab from the country, but they have failed, because Al-Shabab still controls many parts of the country.

It now appears that the new government led by corrupt president Hassan Sheikh and Prime Minister Hamza Barre have decided to create a rebellion against Al-Shabab by supporting and arming the local people or militias. This issue has created a concern and a different point of view.

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Read: Somalia’s president Hassan Sheikh history of corruption 2012-2017

Some people think that the only way to defeat Al-Shabab is to incite the local population to lose shelter, while others believe that the solution lies in a competent Somali national army.

It is important to start a revolution and encourage the local people to resist and remove Al-Shabab, with the support of or fighting alongside the national forces because they know the area and the people, but there is a need to think about it. the consequences that may come from it.

What are the risks of arming these militias?

The danger from these militias is that they will become or change into mobs, as we learned from the rebels who ousted the country’s former president, Mohamed Siad Barre.

If a system is not created to control these militias and their weapons, it may result in the return of new warlords, and the country will enter into a crisis, and the people living in the areas under their control will face extortion and violations.

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It is also emerging that politicians are arming their clans under the pretext that they are fighting Al-Shabab, but they want to build the power to negotiate in order to get higher positions, or stay in their rule.

In any case, it is a good idea to use local people to defeat Al-Shabab, but before that, it is necessary to evaluate the stages and look at many places.

The central government and the regional administrations are not working together and there is darkness between them, low IQ Hassan Sheikh should use Somali special forces trained by Eritrean, 5000 strong troops are still in Eritrea and can be used to fight the enemy instead of creating tribal militias.