President Mohamed attended in ceremony of the new Speaker of the House of the People

Mogadishu Somali Times -The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi  Mohamed today attended the ceremony for the  the new Speaker of the House of the People Somalia. Mr Mohamed Mursal Sheikh President said  requires close cooperation to strengthen our sovereignty.
The President pointed out that the efforts of the Somali state to create a distinctive diversity, but need to be understood through mutual understanding, mutual respect and compromise as a common aspiration for the common good.

The President emphasized parliamentarians to fulfill their constitutional mandate to accelerate the upcoming Parliamentary Legislative Priorities for the government’s efforts to succeed in its term.
“We want to be in contact with any government that is working on the Somali government, which is based on co-operation, cooperation and mutual understanding,” President said in a statement on the government’s policy toward foreign affairs.
The President thanked the lawmakers for their political and financial contribution to the new Speaker of the House of the People.
President Mohamed congratulated Parliamentarians on the democratization process and the integrity of the constitutional mandate.
He also praised the lawmakers who took over the seat of the House of the People of the Federal Parliament and accepted the voting results.