Dar es Salaam lifts KQ ban after Kenya okays Air Tanzania cargo flights

By Business Daily Africa

Air Tanzania has secured coveted cargo rights in Kenya, while Kenya Airways saw its passenger route between Nairobi and Dar es Salaam restored, in a swift resolution to a brief diplomatic row.

Following a request from Tanzania, the Kenyan authorities granted Air Tanzania the Fifth Freedom Traffic Right for all-cargo services, allowing the airline to pick up and drop off cargo in Kenya as part of its international flights.

This is a significant boost for Air Tanzania’s cargo operations and opens up new trade opportunities between the two countries.

However, the development also resulted in a reversal of the Tanzanian decision announced Monday to withdraw Kenya Airways’ third and fourth freedom traffic rights between Nairobi and Dar es Salaam.

These rights allow airlines to carry passengers and freight to and from their own country and a foreign country (Third Freedom) and between two foreign countries (Fourth Freedom).

By granting cargo rights to Air Tanzania, the Tanzanian authorities have seen their concerns addressed and have therefore reinstated Kenya Airways’ passenger operations on the vital Dar es Salaam route.

This swift resolution ensures continued connectivity between the two East African countries, benefiting passengers and businesses alike.

“This development demonstrates the spirit of cooperation and understanding between Tanzania and Kenya,” said Hamza S. Johari, Director General of the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority. “We are confident that this decision will further strengthen aviation and trade relations between our two countries.”

The sudden change in policy underlines the dynamic nature of air services agreements and the importance of open communication between nations.

With both countries now benefiting from the new agreement, the skies between Tanzania and Kenya appear clear for continued growth and cooperation in the aviation sector.