DCI detectives arrest Chinese man caught on viral video caning Kenyan employee

A video emerged on social media showing a Chinese man beating up a Kenyan employee at Chez Wou restaurant in Kileleshwa- Detectives raided the restaurant on Sunday, February 9, and arrested four Chinese nationals.

They were found not in possession of valid work documents and are set to be arraigned on Monday Detectives from Kilimani Police Station have raided Chez Wou restaurant in Kileleshwa and arrested a Chinese man who was captured in a viral video beating up a Kenyan employee for reporting to work late.The perpetrator Deng Hailan was arrested on Sunday, February 9, alongside two other chefs Chang Yueping and Ou Qiang and Yu Ling who works as a cashier.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Halilan was found to be working at the restaurant without a valid work permit and the other two had expired visas. “Also arrested were two other chefs Chang Yueping and Ou Qiang who hold expired visas. Chang holds a work permit but his compatriot doesn’t,” said DCI in a Twitter post. Ling was found in possession of a visitor’s visa but had no work permit was also arrested. “Eight Kenyans who work at the hotel were also escorted to Kilimani Police Station for further interrogation,” said DCI.

The arrest came following public outcry on social media over the manner in which the Chinese man was beating up the waiter who was identified as Simon Oseko. It is alleged that Oseko, who is a waiter at the restaurant had reported late to work resulting in the punishment. In the video, he is seen receiving not one but two canes from as his colleagues watched from Hailan as his colleagues watched from a distance. Oseko reported the incident at Kileleshwa Police Station obtaining a P3 form as authorities are said to have taken up the matter to investigate.

When reached for comment on the matter by K24 TV, Hailan tried to bribe the reporter with KSh 20,000 to avoid reporting the matter to the media. Notably, it is not the first time for such a case in Kenya given in 2019 another video emerged on social media showing Kenyan SGR employees being beaten by their Chinese bosses. The Chinese embassy then defended the corporal punishment saying it was one of the way of instilling discipline among employees.

Source: TUKO