Deni is “ready” to meet President Hassan Sheikh, but he declined

File Photo/Somali Times

The president of the Puntland administration, Said Abdullahi Deni, has agreed and is ready to meet the president of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, the UN office in Somalia announced, President Hassan Sheikh, but he declined, according to sources told Somali Times.

Deni said this after he recently met the UN Special Envoy for Somalia Catriona Laing in Garowe.

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In May of this year, the members of the National Consultative Council except for Puntland – issued a statement and a new agreement focused on democratization. The president of Puntland was absent from that meeting and the previous one held by the in March.

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“I was happy to hear that the Said Deni is willing and able to talk to the President Hasan Sheikh Mohamoud and he is actually thinking a lot about what kind of issues should be put on the table to make sure that they are there.” Puntland is not ,” said the UN official, Catriona Laing said.

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The representative of the United Nations added that they discussed with President Deni the relationship between him and the member governments of the Federation, that Puntland’s representation is visible.

It is the second time that the representative of the United Nations has come to Puntland, since he was appointed as the representative of the UN in Somalia. She also spoke to Deni about the upcoming elections in Puntland to be held in a calm and peaceful environment.

Said Deni cut ties with the federal government one month after the election of President Hassan Sheikh, it is believed that the reason was that he was not given the position of prime minister or consulted.