Deputy Prime Minister meets Prime Minister of India – Discussed Cooperation between the two countries

India – Deputy Prime Minister  Mr Mahdi Mohamed Gulleed  met with Indian Prime Minister  Mr Narendra Modi.
The meeting took place at the Indian Prime Ministry Narendra Modi, discussing bilateral relations between India and Somalia, as well as India’s integration into the Somali people.
Mr. Mahdi Mohamed Guled has described the history of culture in India and Somalia, demanding that the Government of New Delhi work with Somalia to support and assist the long-term survivor of education and health, and to facilitate access to India.

Mr Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, the very important meeting we discussed in the bilateral relations between Somalia and India in the areas of social and health issues; “It is important for the Somali people to facilitate the entry into the Indian Ocean,” said Mahdi Mohamed Guled, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Somalia,
Prime Minister of Modi, pledged that India would work closely with Somalia in the field of bilateral relations and diplomacy, adding that this meeting opens a new frontier between the two countries.
The Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia, who is still in India, participated in the International Conference on the Use of Natural Resources, which was jointly organized by the governments of India and France.
This week’s trip to India for four days, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy and Water Resources Pro. Saalim Caliyow Ibrow, State Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Mr Abdulqadir Ahmed Khayr, Director of the Foreign Affairs Department of the Asian Affairs Mr Shirwa Abdulaahi and MP Bihii Iimaan.