Egypt denies organ theft of British tourist

Egypt State Information Service yesterday denied “organ theft” of a British tourist who had recently died in the Red Sea resort of Hurghada. Officials were responding to reports published in a number of British newspapers who cited the tourist’s family as saying that his body was returned to the UK missing organs including his heart and kidneys.

The Egyptian State Information Service described the media reports as “baseless and false. David Humphries, 62, died on 18 September a hospital in Hurghada after suffering a heart attack.

According to the service, samples were taken including from his heart, parts of the liver, kidneys and other organs to conduct the necessary analysis and establish the cause of death according to the “law”.

The service said the samples will be handed over to the Egyptian prosecutor to decide whether to hand them over to the deceased’s family or the British Embassy in Egypt.

It cites Humphries’ wife and his daughter who “did not accuse anyone of his death” during the investigation.
No immediate comment was available from the tourist’s family or the British authorities on the matter.



Source: Middle East Monitor