We Will Not Legalise Same Sex Marriage, President Uhuru

President Uhuru Kenyatta has said that Kenya will not be pressured to legalise same sex marriages so as to get donor funding. He said that Kenya needs to be self reliant and and should not pass non-biblical laws for the sake of funding. He said that if same sex marriages was not in the bible we would rather stay poor. The president said that although people were a little angry with him, it was important to pay taxes so that Kenya is not force to pass laws they do not believe in.

This is why I have insisted, even though people are slightly angry at me, let us pay taxes. This is your money that we can use for our development and this is why I am also insisting that we must protect this money from wastage,” Uhuru said.

The president said that same sex marriage was not a Human Right.

President Uhuru has often dismissed legalizing same sex marriages in Kenya, During his interview at CNN with Christine Amanpour earlier this year said the Kenyan constitution under article 165 outlaw same sex marriages.
In 2015 the president told the then American President Barack Obama that Kenya was not yet ready for same sex marriages.



Source: kahawatungu