Eritrea says Somalia’s military training should be non-controversial

The Eritrean government has strongly accused the Western countries of misleading the cooperation between the governments of Somalia and Eritrea.

In a long statement published on the website of the Eritrean news agency, it is said that the West has spread false and baseless claims about cooperation between two independent governments.

“The growing connection between the two countries, especially in the field of defense and security, has generated a lot of opposition from a number of Western countries. It is a great hypocrisy rooted in arrogance,” said a long report published in Shabait.

The Etrea government said that the special target is the growing security cooperation between the two countries. At a time when the country became the first country to train thousands of soldiers for Somalia, since the collapse of the central government.

The government of Eritrea said that the training of the Somali army, which was carried out for the cooperation of the two countries, and was carried out at the request of the government of Somalia, should not be controversial.

“The ongoing cooperation between the two countries is actually rooted in a long history of cooperation, with Somalia being one of a small group of actors who have supported Eritrea in its long struggle for independence. Both countries realize that the war on terrorism in Somalia is the stability and security of the whole region of the Horn of Africa,” said the Eritrean government.

Eritrea has said that external intervention in Somalia has produced only negative results, and it has pointed out that only internally determined processes can be effective in Somalia. Instead of being guided and directed from abroad.

This news from the Eritrean government was sent a few days after the President of Somalia visited the country to inspect the thousands of soldiers trained in the country.

President Hassan Sheikh’s visit to the country did not yield any results regarding the return of Somali troops.

There have been reports in the media that the Eritrean government has financial reasons for Somali troops to be sent back to their country.