Ethiopia Somali region leader says the forces killed 600 Al-Shabab terrorists

The president of the Somali regional government, Mustafa Muhumed Omar, said that 600 Al-Shabab soldiers were killed including top leaders in the latest fighting on the Somali border.

The president of the local government said this while speaking to the Somali regional parliament, who were asking questions about the loss of the war.

President Mustafa Muhumed Omar said that they have faced a serious threat, after ten days of fighting with the Al-Shabab terrorist group. He said that there are signs that they are winning against Al-Shabab.

“We believe that 600 Al-Shabab have been killed in the operations that have been going on these days, until yesterday. And you will die of course. Let me kill you and I will have nothing left. It should be known that we are at war,” said the president.

Mustafe Omar said that they are committed to defeating Al-Shabab and prevent them from forming an insurgency in the Somali region.

“Their aim was to enter the area, bring in a lot of troops, and rebel there. But, that opportunity was not given. It is a task they have failed and they have been greatly violated,” said President Mustafe Omar.

The President admitted that the Al-Shabab attack was the reason for the neglect he saw at the borders. He said that steps will be taken to correct things.