Ethiopia’s PM Abiy Ahmed amazing speech inauguration ceremony in Somalia

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, one of the leaders who attended the inauguration ceremony of the President of Somalia, delivered an amazing speech, speaking in English and Somali.

PM Abiy Ahmed, who was widely applauded for adding Somali words to his speech, addressed sensitive issues, particularly Somali-Ethiopian relations.

“I am committed to continuing cooperation between the two countries and our brotherly people,” Abi Ahmed said in his speech, speaking in Somali. He added that he wished Somalia lasting peace and prosperity, adding that he also spoke in Somali.

“I wish the people of Somalia lasting peace and prosperity,” he added.

Finally, he underlined that he will work with the new President, Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, in a spirit of neighborliness and brotherhood.

“Long live Somalia and long live Ethiopia,” he said.

Abiy Ahmed has been a friend of Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo for the past five years, and was a member of the tripartite alliance of Somalia, Ethiopia & Eritrea.