Somalia’s president Hassan Sheikh 5 million dollar ceremony, people are dying of hunger worst droughts in decades

File Photo/Somali Times

Somalia’s corrupt president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud 5 million dollar ceremony. Expected people to attend heads of states Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta Djibouti dictator Ismail Omar Guelleh international community ambassadors to Somalia, lavish ceremony also Uhuru Kenyatta and Ismail Omar Guelleh cargo airplane carrying beverages wine, beer, spirits and whiskey cognac landed today at Mogadishu airport. Cargo has been received in Villa Somalia according to Somali officials told Somali Times inside sources.

Our sources add those head of states who are going to attend Hassan Sheikh arrange for them to have some Somali girls to chill out with them. Hassan Sheikh is good with selling Somali girls he has been doing this for a decade.

People living in Somalia are facing one of the worst droughts in decades after four consecutive poor rainy seasons. Failing crops and rising food prices, combined with ongoing insecurity and a massive invasion of locusts that swept across the Horn of Africa, have forced hundreds of thousands of people to move from rural areas to urban centers. They leave their homes with the hope of finding food, clean water, shelter, and health care. Many have sought refuge in camps for internally displaced people, yet these sites often have a lack of toilets, hand washing stations, and clean drinking water.

More broadly, at least 448 people died this year at outpatient and in-patient malnutrition treatment centers across Somalia through April, according to data compiled by humanitarian groups and local authorities. Aid workers warn the data is incomplete and the overall death toll from the drought remains elusive.

The current drought comes on top of decades of conflict, recurrent climate shocks, frequent disease outbreaks, and increasing poverty in Somalia while the drought worsens, the country is also experiencing a massive outbreak of measles. Common and preventable diseases like measles and diarrhea have been leading causes of death among children here, and widespread water scarcity and food insecurity are creating the conditions needed for such diseases to spread fast.

“Somalis are facing a series of crises, one after another country representative in Somalia. “Already we are hearing stories of desperation, with some people telling us they have faced the impossible choice of leaving one child to die to save others.”