European Union talks with president Hassan Sheikh on suspended anti-piracy operation to keep controlling Somalia waters as colony

EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell: Credit to Photographer Olivier Matthys /The Associated Press

The European Union has discussed with Somalia’s new corrupt president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud for Operation Atlanta and if the EU bribe Hassan Sheikh he might sign the contract for Somalia waters to be controlled and used by the EU according to Somali spy agency NISA told Somali Times.

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell, in a telephone conversation with President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, confirmed that they had discussed in detail of Operation Atlanta.

Josep Borrell underscored the EU’s commitment to launching a new era of cooperation with Somalia, and indicated that they were working with the President on his transition to security in Somalia.

The EU Special Representative for Somalia, Ambassador Mahamat Saleh Annadif, did not elaborate on the issue. There is no piracy in Somalia the EU are more interested in resources according to Somali officials told Somali Times.

It was in March this year that the Security Council abstained from extending the duration of the anti-piracy operation in Somalia.

The previous government succeeded in persuading the UN General Assembly to suspend its piracy operation after 13 years, with the government saying there were no pirates operating in Somali waters.

The European Union (EU) has expressed grave concern over the Security Council’s decision, saying that Somali pirates could retaliate against hijackings of foreign ships.

There is no piracy in Somalia. Somalia is getting better and is ready for business with the international community. In this world there is no country that has their territorial waters controlled by another country this is classified as a colony according to Somali officials told Somali Times our sources added Somalia has resources in their waters oil, gas, fishery and minerals that is what the EU is after.