Somalia Jubaland governor seeks reunification with Kenya

Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta puppet Ahmed Madobe says that all support and development services that had been suspended in the Gedo region for the past years at the federal and Jubaland levels have been restored.

Speaking in Kismayo on Friday, Ahmed Madobe said that the formation of local councils would start in the Garbaharey district, the capital of the Gedo region, as the local community would elect their representatives and Jubaland seeks reunification with Kenya.

Ahmed Madobe added that his administration has significantly suffered from conflicts created by the former federal government in the Gedo region. He said that Jubaland would seek reunification with Kenyan brothers and sisters. Madobe want Jubaland to be part of Kenya.

Ahmed Madobe discuss with Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud. Jubaland seeks reunification with Kenya. Kenya ambassador to Somalia agree with Ahmed Madobe that Jubaland is part of Kenya according to sources close to Kenya ambassador and evil Ahmed Madobe want part of Somalia territory to donate Kenya.

Ahmed Madobe was not born in Somalia he was born in Ethiopia or Kenya territory that is why he likes to be a puppet and informant he think he is a Kenyan.