Evil Aran Jaan leader Abdirahman Farole mastermind Bosaso war

A photograph appear on the Internet

Former Puntland governor Abdirahman Farole has accused Bari regional leaders of being involved in the violence in Bosaso. Speaking to outlet media, evil Aran Jaan leader Abdirahman Farole said that clan leaders was interfering in the political affairs of the country. Abdirahman Farole is the mastermind Bosaso war which he advise warlord Said Deni.

Evil Abdirahman Farole said the clan leaders have a role to play in resolving disputes, but has no role to play in politics and governance. Farole say further, ”They did not play their role. They seem to confuse the role of the clan leaders with the role of the government,” said Abdirahman Farole.

Farole and other politicians from Puntland, such as Abdiweli Gaas and Omar Abdirashid, met in Nairobi yesterday and called for an end to the violence.

Evil Aran Jaan leader Abdirahman Farole say the dismissal of the PSF director is legal, but warlord Said Deni and his administration have called for a war solution to the conflict in Bosaso.

Let me start with, What kind of people are Aran Jaan?

Aran Jaan is a group of dozens of political interest groups, based in Garowe. They have become accustomed to seeking political influence for economic reasons, such as obtaining government projects or lobbying Puntland’s ministries and institutions by employing subordinates who are behind the appointment of a president.

Most workers in the departments of finance ministries and autonomous institutions, and of official documents from the financial accounts come to the station.

The Aran Jaan Group is a group that looks only at personal interests, uses public fund loot to bribe them, and uses tribal farming to divide people and create wealth. It has no interest in the development of Puntland.

Anyone who observes the horrific acts of this group turns out to be a serious threat to the sovereignty of Puntland and of Somalia in general.

It is time for the Bosaso people to wake up to their description of the ticks in the group to protect their property and businesses. Aran Jaan leaders want to destabilize Bosaso City.