Somalia: Warlord Said Deni and Puntland security forces escalates in Bosaso city

Somalia’s donors are worried the main port city of Bosaso in Puntland state after local forces turned on one another in a brutal show of dispute. In the last couple for weeks, an armed clash in Bosaso port city, keepers mostly focused on one another, rather than guarding civilians.

At midnight Thursday, skirmishes erupted again between forces loyal to Warlord Said Deni and an anti-terrorism elite brigade known as Puntland Security Forces (PSF).

Reports from the port town of Bosaso confirmed deaths and injuries among the combatants and civilians, as the clashing sides exchanged fire from all sorts of heavy and light arms. According to reliable sources told Somali Times, warlord Said Deni killed more than 200 civilians and every corner of the city are dead corpses. Civilians fleeing the city has been caught up in the fighting and causality are between 500-600.

The US Embassy warned warlord Said Deni on Tuesday the fighting has to stop to enable the forces focus on the real enemy: Al-Shabaab and other criminals.

”We urge an immediate end to the hostilities in Bosaso and a return to dialogue to find a negotiated, peaceful solution,” the statement from the US Embassy said. Continued fighting will only inflict further harm on Bosaso and its people.”

Latest reports indicated that the fighting that intensified over the afternoon had cooled down but residents still reported intermittent gunfire.