Farmajo arrived in Addis Ababa

Photo/Somali Times

The Somalia’s President, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo has today arrived in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, where he was warmly welcomed.

Farmajo was greeted at Addis Ababa airport by senior Ethiopian government officials, including Finance Minister Ahmed Shide, A statement from Villa Somalia said Farmajo was attending the inauguration of re-sworn Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

“The president is one of the African and world leaders honored to attend the event, emphasizing the fruitful relationship based on mutual respect and good neighborliness between the two countries,” the statement said.

The outgoing president will also hold a prayer meeting with various leaders attending the inauguration of the Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed.

Farmajo will be accompanied by the outgoing Minister of Planning, Jamal Mohamed Hassan, the Minister of Defense, Hassan Hussein Haji, Farmajo and Abiy are close political allies, They have previously collaborated with the dictatorial leader of Eritrea, which has created a lot of suspicion, but they have not met recently and each of them has not been able to overcome the crisis within his rule.