Former warlord became Mogadishu mayor but what went wrong?

Former warlord Omar Mohamud Mohamed (Filish)

Mogadishu, The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, has appointed Omar Mohamud Mohamed (Filish), one of the faction leaders in Mogadishu. A statement from President Farmajo said: “Addressing the need for a governor for the Banadir Regional Administration, to move forward with development plans, and also consider the various proposals and experiences of Mr Omar Mohamud Mohamed (Filish) has the responsibility to fulfill his duties. ”

President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed wished the new Governor of Benadir and the Mayor of Mogadishu to lighten the heavy responsibilities he was assigned to and urged him to serve more effectively and honestly in our community. The President, named for the new Governor of Banadir, and the Mayor of Mogadishu, comes into force today at the President’s signature on Thursday, August 22nd, 2019.

Omar Filish replaces the God of Mercy. Eng, Yarisow was killed in an explosion 24 July 2019  in the Banadir mayor office. Mr. Omar was Worlord a prominent group leader in Mogadishu and initially rebelled against Muse Sude Yalahow.

According to United Nations Mr. Swan noted the effectiveness of the collaboration between the UN and international partners, and the Somali Security Forces working with the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), which has seen areas near the capital Mogadishu taken back from terror group al-Shabab, and stabilized. However, Mr. Swan noted that terrorism remains a threat to progress, citing the deadly al-Shabab attack on the offices of the mayor of Mogadishu in July, which killed and injured several Government officials.