Jubaland re-elect President Sheikh Ahmed Islam Madobe

File/Photo/Somali Times

Kismayo, Jubaland election re-elect President Ahmed Mohamed Islam Ahmed Madobe president of the Jubbaland regional administration. The three candidates – Ahmed Mohamed Islam, Anab Mohamed Dahir, and Mohamud Mohamed Omar – competed in the election without votes beginning.

Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Islam came first with 56 votes and Anab Mohamed Dahir got 17 votes, while the other candidate Mohamud Mohamed Omar received only one vote.

The lawmakers of Jubaland State has on Thursday re-elected Ahmed Islam as president, allowing him to lead the regional administration for the next 4 years. The election was held in Kismayo on Thursday with 74 MPs cast their votes among 4 candidates who expressed their interest to run for the state’s top seat.