Former warlord-rapist Muse Sudi vows not to accept Farmajo

Former warlord-rapist Muse Sudi who addressed the media in Mogadishu asked President Farmajo to leave the presidential palace and settle in his own house in Mogadishu, saying that no transfer is required and he does not deserve it.

Muse Sudi said he would not accept Farmajo staying at Villa Somalia, which has been vacated by better presidents Hassan Sheikh and Sheikh Sharif, according to the statement.

“Farmajo, you do not need to be transferred. Leave the house. Go to a rented house. You are not better than the people who left this house. You do not deserve to be at Villa Somalia,” said Muse Sudi.

Former warlord and rapist Muse Sudi also said that President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo is not far behind his predecessors Sheikh Sharif and Hassan Sheikh. “If he denies the status we will be informed,” he said. The Former warlord-rapist slammed Prime Minister Roble, saying he had neglected his responsibilities, oppressing the people he represented in the seat.

Former warlord of Somalia Muse Sudi is a well know murderer in the Somali Civil War. He killed about between 100000-200000 people which most of the victims are part of the Hawiye, Darod and Isaaq community and raped between 10000-20000 women and children. According to Somali officials who have told Somali Times.

Muse Sudi should face justice for killing and raping innocent Somalis who still suffers trauma. No outlet media should interview a child-rapist like Muse Sudi.