EU Ambassador to Somalia says militias out of Mogadishu

File Photo/Somali Times

According to EU Ambassador to Somalia says, ”Demilitarise Mogadishu is the priority now.” Those that want to play a positive role towards elections should support Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble in his key tasks. Division of Mogadishu with militias or out-of-line-of-command security forces is not helping the Somali people.

EU Ambassador to Somalia Nicolas Berlanga tweeted: ”Removing the military from Mogadishu is a priority now. People who want to play a positive role in the election must support Prime Minister Mohamed Roble in this important task.”

“Dividing Mogadishu into militias or security forces with a command outside the command line will not help the Somali people,” he said. The Somali government last night warned politicians working for foreign agents, inciting a civil war in Mogadishu. Somali government said the foreign agent workers were dividing and destroying the Somali National Army.

The Somali community should watch the activities of politicians who are working for foreign agents from Kenya and UAE paying millions of dollars inciting a civil war in Mogadishu. According to a Somali officials which told Somali Times.