Galmudug President Ahmed Duale ordered Prime Minister Khaire to leave Dhusamareb

Photo/Somali Times

Galmudug President Ahmed Duale Guelleh Haf has accused the central government of failing to establish the administration, and has lost confidence in the Ministry of Interior. He said the Prime Minister Khaire grating on Galmudug’s problem and ordered Khaire to leave Dhusamareb. He also accused Khaire of violating the law, as he seized all powers of the conflict and the elections commission in Galmudug.

“It is unfortunate that the Prime Minister of the country, who has been deprived of justice and impartiality, will sit down in Dhusamareb as the Committee for Conflict, Election Commission and General Galmudug. That is not possible for me as president. There is nothing to come out of it except where I build Galmudug state.