Security guard setup German nurse kidnapping in Mogadishu


Miss Sonja Nientiet, a German National. PHOTO: FACEBOOK

Mogadishu  – The Somali government said that it has made headway in the investigation of the ICRC Nurse who was kidnapped from the ICRC compound on Wednesday evening.Interior Ministry spokesperson Mr. Abdiaziz Ali Ibrahim announced that they have identified one of the kidnappers as Mr. Mohamud Mohamed Alas.
Security officials have also identified the missing aid worker as  Miss.Sonja Nientiet, a German National.Investigators believe that Alas, who worked as a security guard at the ICRC compound, had intimate knowledge of the compound layout and security measures and used this knowledge to facilitate the kidnapping.

The ministry spokesman theory seems to corroborate with eyewitness accounts from Red Cross workers told media on Wednesday that the gunmen easily evaded the compound’s security guards and successfully snuck the nurse out of a back entrance and into a waiting vehicle. Mr Ibrahim said that an extensive manhunt is underway to save the nurse and bring her captors to justice.He mentioned that the vehicle that was used in the kidnapping is now in police custody.