Somali originated elected as mayor of Sheffield, UK

Majid Majid from Somalia has been elected to the mayor of Sheffield in United Kingdom Today he is sworn into his new role as the youngest party to the Green Party to elect a city.Majid, 28,whose family Born in Burao in war-torn northern Somalia, Mr Majid said he did not remember much of his childhood and had never returned to his country of birth.

“I remember just being happy, playing around as you do as a kid, but in reality it was a completely different story,” he said. His family set up home in Sheffield’s Burngreave area. He said life was difficult when he and his family arrived, trying to learn the language and adapt to a new way of life. His mother worked as a cleaner to look after her children, with Magid and his siblings acting as translators.A former refugee who has taken over as Sheffield’s Lord Mayor says he hopes to bring the role “into the 21st Century”.

Mrs Kaltum Osman, also known as Kaltum Baande, was also a Somali woman, became the first woman to win the Sheffield Council membership. Somalis living in the international arena have intensified their involvement in the leadership of the communities in which they live,