Governor candidate Puntland Mohamud Khalif Hassan Jebiye committed fraud in the US care business

Bosaso-Governor candidate for Puntland governor’s election 8, Jan 2019, Mohamud Khalif, Hassan Jebiye, He has been away from the country for 35 years and now he wants to be been elected as a new governor Puntland region, Somali Times investigated Mr Hassan in the past.

The candidate Governor Mohamud Khalif, Hassan Jebiye, used to own, care business in Minnesota and Kansas City on Missouri’s and committed a lot of dishonest fraud, he used to registered names that don’t exist and make money from local authority he is on investigation local authority, Minnesota and Kansas City on Missouri’s he stole more than $ 7 million USD, Taxpayers money, Between current governor Abdiweli Gas and Mohamud Khalif Hassan Jebiye, no different Corrupt Puntland MPs stop taking bribes from Mohamud Khalif Hassan Jebiye, Puntland needs a good leader with good records.