Mogadishu Mayor meets with Mayor of Ankara

Ankara – The Mayor of Mogadishu, Banadir region Mr Abdirahman Omar Osman talked with the Mayor of  Ankara Prof. Mustafa Tuna participated in the renovation of local government jobs in Benadir region.
The Turkish Mayor, who has been in charge of some of the regional administrations and regions in the country, said the plan is for the Banadir Regional Councils to take advantage of Turkey’s experience in their Turkish counterparts and to introduce new tools to local governments in this country.

“The mayor of Ankara, we presented the plans we want to work closely and become part of the modernization of employment and local services, an important part of the devolution process annaggoo basic services and plans related to sanitation.”
Also, the Governor reported on his trip to Istanbul where he met with some of the businessmen in the country, the investment opportunities in Benadir region and how the Somali people are confident of the financing of the Turkish companies and businesses.
The meeting was accompanied by Mayor , Somali Ambassador to Turkey Mr. Jama Abdullahi , Deputy Mayor of the Benadir Regional Administration, Mrs Basmo Amir Ahmed, some of the Somali Businesspeople and members of Benadir Regional Administration.