Parliament Speaker comments his resignation

Mogadishu- Former Speaker of the Somali Federal Parliament’s Lower House, Mr Mohamed Osman Jawari on Tuesday officially commented his resignation plan and said that the political standoff came to end, officials said.Mr. Osman said in press conference at the state house with President Mohamed Abdulahi Mohamed that they avoided foreign intervention that their political in-fight to be solved in of the capitals of the neighboring countries.

“I am assuring that the gloomy political situations came to end, I give an apology to the people who were concerned about the standoff, and how they showed tolerance to the standing problems, I took the advices given to me to do better and did so”, Mr. Osman said.
He said that he would hand over the responsibility back to the Parliamentarians today on Wednesday, calling for forgiveness and to go forward, but the expected session delay today according to the officials.
Somali President, Mohamed Abdulahi Mohamed welcomed Mr. Jawari’s decision to leave the job.
“ I am thanking Mohamed Osman Jawari for taking historic decision, Mr. Jawari is a Somali elder and legal expert who served this nation for more than 50 years holding different positions, I urge him to continue his efforts towards the Statehood of Somalia”, Mr. Mohamed said.
Mr. Mohamed called for the Government executive council to speed up their tasks specially handling security and developing the economy.
He also requested from the lawmakers to pass bills on the table.
This resignation comes after more than three weeks of political standoff that had a negative impact on government activities.