Hargeisa needs support fire tragedy

Hargeisa community needs support fire caused billions of dollars worth of damage

Hargeisa mayor, Abdikarin Ahmed Mooge has announced at midnight the extent of the property damage caused by the fire that broke out in Hargeisa’s main market on Friday night. The mayor of Hargeisa read out a preliminary report to the media stating the extent of the economic damage caused by the fire.

“According to preliminary data, the damage caused by the disaster here is estimated to be between one and a half billion and two billion dollars, and it is a preliminary assessment,” said the Mayor of Hargeisa.

He added, “The National Waheen Market Support Committee has also today appointed a sub-committee, comprising of businessmen and scholars of the Republic of Somaliland, whose names will be announced by the Somaliland Chamber of Commerce.”

The mayor of Hargeisa indicated that on the 5th of this month they will launch a campaign to clean up the Hargeisa Market, to remove anything left over from the fire, and to open the roads.

“It has been decided that on Tuesday, April 5, 2022, this market will be cleaned up, everything that is left in the fire will be removed and roads will be opened. These two days have been given to the victims, and if there is any leftovers left to collect during those two days, as well as plastic and burnt cloth that are still suspected to be on fire, then check,” Mooge said.

Somalis should support their brothers and sisters who is having difficult times, losing their buisnesses, properties and livelihood. Hopefully Hargeisa will recover from this difficult time.