Hassan Sheikh got away with selling Somali girls to Saudi Arabia

File Photo/Somali Times

Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud shame on you history will never forgive you selling Somali girls to Saudi Arabia.

Somali Women were a keystone of our culture. It was as near as sacred; the respect for Somali women was wrapped up deeply with our sense of national pride. Saudis have had to look for cheaper alternatives, and no one can be bought more cheaply than the Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud selling Somali girls.

Somalis domestic work in Saudi Arabia after evidence of the torture, killing and rape Somalis maid went viral. Former Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud selling Somalis 2,000 girls to Saudi Arabia. They often complain of being made to work long hours, unpaid wages and in some cases grave physical abuse and sexual abuse. A Somali official told Somali Times.

Former Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud and Saudi authorities signed an agreement for 2,000 Somalis girls, most of them housemaids. The move was widely criticized by the entire Somali population due to the abuse of human rights in the Kingdom.

Mr Mohamoud said that his government will take necessary measures to safeguard the workers’ rights. Critics of the Federal government’s policy on sending workers to Saudi Arabia said they are more interested in the benefits part of the agreement rather than the consequences.

No one knows those Somalis girls where there are shame on you Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud.