Hawiye community elders respond to Ugas Marehan’s statement supporting dictator Siad Barre and Farmajo.

Ugas Ali Hashi Ugas, Poet Bedel Jama and Nabadon Ahmed Mohamed Ulusow, who spoke on behalf of the Hawiye community, strongly criticized a recent speech by Marehan community leader Ugas Mohamed-Weli Sheikh Ahmed Nur.

Ugas Mohamed-Weli said at Monday that in Mogadishu after the government of evil dictator Mohamed Siad Barre, the country has never had a government like the one led by President Farmajo. Hawiye elders have described Ugas Mohamed Weli as a tribalist, saying he apologized to all Somalis and heads of previous governments.

Ugas Ali Hashi Ugas said, “I am very sorry for the name of the chief that this man is claiming. We have seen him in the past in a debate in which he made a big mistake against the people of the Benadir region, and now he has apologized for my mistake. This has now happened to all Somalis. ”

“Everyone’s deeds will be remembered by Ugas Mohamed Weli. He said the prisoners were released. It is true, but the man who released them was Hassan Ali Khaire. He forgave the debt and it was worked out by the Khaire government, so we owe it to him. In the name of the Ugas, the officials and the Somali people, ”said Ugas Ali in a message to Ugas Mohamed Weli. Poet Bedel Jama also said that because of Ugas Mohamed Weli did not insult the presidents he praised ruthless dictator Mohamed Siad and Mohamed Farmajo.

“President Mohamed Siad Barre has taken over the reins of a democratically elected government. Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has also taken over the reins of government. We know that other presidents have ruled the country. Except for Mohamed Siad, the rest of the elected people, Ugas Mohamed-Weli said vote for Farmajo, so that man is a tribalist and we will not insult the people he praised because of him,” said poet Bedel Jama.

Elder Ahmed Yusuf said that the information on Mohamed’s political landscape one on president to resign.

“What Mohamed Weli called is an insult to Somalis. We say that the news came from an irresponsible man. President Farmajo, we say there is a man who you think will be kind to you, but he is following you. The news of Ugas Mohamed Weli is good news. It is clear that you will be expelled from the political arena, ”said Nabadon Ahmed Mohamed Ulusow.