International community calls Somali leaders to find a solution of their differences

File Photo/Somali Times

A meeting between the heads of the federal government, regional administrations and the Benadir region has recently resumed in Mogadishu.

The conference was the introduction of the general meeting of the 2021 elections in the coming days is expected to open, and the current Afisyoni conference discusses the agenda of the national consultation meeting.

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble, the governor of the Benadir region and all the governors of the regional states will attend the conference which reopened today.

Today’s conference is expected to resolve the difficult issues that have been at stake in the past few days, and the Somali people have high hopes that today’s conference will produce positive results. It was only recently that the international community calls on the parties to the dispute over the country’s elections to find a lasting solution to their differences.