Prime Minister Roble visits soldiers wounded by Al-Shabaab terrorists

Photo/Somali Times

Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has visited some of the soldiers wounded in a deadly al-Shabaab attack on military bases in Barire and Awdhegle in the Lower Shabelle region.

Prime Minister Roble listened to a report from hospital officials on the condition of the soldiers, and also have conversations the wounded soldiers, wishing them well.

Prime Minister Roble thanked the soldiers for their bravery and dedication in defending themselves, from a cowardly attack by Al-Shabaab terror is the some of the soldiers thanked the Prime Minister for his visit. Somalis are fed up Al-Shabaab terrorist and willing to fight them back said Roble.

According to Somali officials told Somali Times that Al-Shabaab terrorist has been funded by the UAE, foreign actors and the Gulf Arab States.