Italian far-right PM Meloni brought together Hassan Sheikh and leaders of the Horn of Africa with the main areas of interest being Somalia oil and gas

The President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh, participated in the meeting of cooperation between Italy and the countries of the Horn of Africa in Rome, Italy.

The Prime Minister of Italy Mrs. Giorgia Meloni hosted the conference which brought together the countries of Somalia, Italy, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya.

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In that meeting, the issues of security, economy, trade and investment of the five countries gathered in this conference were named as the Forum of Cooperation between Italy and the countries of the Horn of Africa.

Italy will thus support ‘African aspirations for peace’ and industrial joint ventures beneficial to the region.

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“Italian companies are ready. We want to do this based on an equal partnership with African countries through shared objectives and mutual benefits,” Tajani explained, according to EurActiv reported.

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Since taking office, the Meloni government has been discussing the Mattei Plan for Africa, a ‘non-predatory’ cooperation model that aims for Italy and African countries to grow and improve, with one of Italy’s main areas of interest being Somalia energy, oil and gas.

According to Tajani, the Mattei Plan is part of a broader European Marshall Plan to support key sectors such as agro-industry, energy transition, job opportunities, cultural heritage, and investment in the goals of good governance and the rule of law of the United Nations.