Journalist Jamal Farah killed in Galkayo Puntland security officials are behind

Galkayo in Mudug region witnesses confirm to Somali Times that Jamal Farah Aden, a Puntland journalist was shot dead by unknown assailants. A group armed with pistols killed the journalist near the Sinai camp in north Galkayo tonight.

The assailants fled the scene of the killing, and Puntland security forces arrived at the scene of the killing tonight.

Jamal Farah Adam was a journalist known in the region has seen more damages to Puntland. Governor Said Abdullahi Deni has been terrorising local journalists killing and locking up without charge.

Witnesses told Somali Times more likely that Puntland security officials are behind the killing and more than two journalists are in prison so far.

There is no word yet from the security agencies regarding the killing of the journalist who was working for a long time in Galkayo.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the killing, nor has Puntland security officials commented.