Jubaland Government opposes legislation Petroleum passed by the two Houses of the Somali Parliament

Photo/ Somali Times

The president of the Jubbaland state, Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Islam, presiding a Thursday meeting of the Jubbaland state cabinet. Meeting discussed issues including the fight against Terrorism, The Jubbaland Cabinet has long debated the Federal Constitution, which includes the Petroleum, Information and Electoral laws, and has approved that the Jubaland state is not part of the outcome.

The cabinet also discussed the fight against al-Shabaab, and decided that anyone who works and promotes war is like al-Shabaab. During the meeting, the Jubbaland cabinet expressed its condolences to the loss of the country’s military and civilian population in the battle that took place in the Qoryooley district in Lower Shabelle region.

At the end of the meeting, the Minister of Information was read to the press by an. Abdi Hussein Sheikh Mohamed, the minister said the meeting ended as planned.