Somalia’s security forces seized cash ‘at Mogadishu Airport

Aden Abdulle International Airport seized large bags containing bundles of cash reportedly sent by the United Arab Emirates -UAE.Members of the UAE’s Embassy in Mogadishu are said to be carrying the bags of the money.
Airport officials, speaking on condition of anonymity said they captured huge sum of US dollars from the UAE that was meant .
Many MPs get paid from the United Arab Emirates to corrupt them so united Arab Emirates can get to control Somalia resources.Somali government, they should closed united Arab Emirates embassy with immediate effect

However, the owner of the cash had not yet been identified. at Mogadishu airport’
The seizure of the cash came after the UAE embassy staff resisted an order to check their bags upon their arrival at the airport, according to the sources.
Somalia’s relation with UAE has been worsening in recent months since Mogadishu took a neutral position on the diplomatic row between the Gulf countries that began on June 5, 2017.