Mandera County Assembly Majority Leader on alert over foreign militia group

Mandera MCAs have raised concerns over alleged presence of a foreign militia group and an increase of Somalia soldiers at the border. In a statement yesterday, the lawmakers described the state of insecurity in Mandera town as “very tense”, with residents forced to flee their homes over fears of a possible attack.

County Assembly Majority Leader Abdi Adan Ali (Neboi Ward) and Majority Whip Adan Maalim Abdullah (Township Ward) said the diplomatic tiff between Kenya and Somalia has worsened the situation after the latter allegedly deployed its army to the border.

“More than ever before, the situation is now very tense. Families with residences close to the border have relocated and others have abandoned their homes,” they said in a statement. “Janan militia located in Township ward have been amassing strengths and positioning armoured vehicles and personnel in the full glare of the residents.”

Abdullah claimed there was a “heavy and scaring weapons testing” on the common border by the Somali army. The leaders said there were fears of a possible combat between the foreign forces in the township.

“Previously residents have been caught up in the flare up, leaving dozens with injuries,” said the statement. According to the MCAs, the foreign militia has been in the township for close to 11 months now, and they have at times engaged in immoral acts targeting women and schoolgirls.

Source: The Standard