Minister Post, Telecom and Technology open Mogadishu Tech Summit

Mogadishu-Minister for Post, Telecom and Technology, Eng Abdi Ashur, has officially opened the Mogadishu Tech Summit, marking another milestone for Somalia’s ICT sector.

Mayor of Mogadishu, Eng. Abdirahman Omar Osman and director of Immigration and Naturalization Department, Mr. Mohamed Adan, warmly welcomed idea behind the summit, noting that technology directly impacts the work of government institutions.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Minister Ashur said that he is impressed by the increasing awareness in the public about the role of technology in our daily lives as evidenced by the growing number of tech-related events in the country. In two weeks time, Mogadishu hosted the Somali Network Operators Group conference and workshops, ICT Expo Somalia and the graduation of the first batch from the University College of Technology, an academic institution specialized in ICT.

The Minister noted that the world has made the largest number of tech advancements in the past 30 years than any time before, at a time when Somalia has been dealing with security challenges. However, he said, there is a hope when you see the country’s young generation are are now thinking about technology.

The Minister disclosed that the Ministry is undertaking a number of measures aimed at developing the sector, including drafting policies, developing egovernment strategy and government portal, promoting tech innovation, and promoting ICT literacy.

The minister said the government is supporting reforms that create a level playing field for all in the sector to speed up the development in the sector. “Some of you have one, two or three sim cards and mobile phones because our telecom operators are not interconnected…As a government,

we are committed that this time next year, you will be able to make calls throughout Somalia with just one sim card” said the minister, highlighting that interconnection is one of main principles of the Communications Act.

Finally the minister thanked the organizers of this event, iRise Tech Hub, for putting together a wonderful event that shows the brighter side of Mogadishu.