Somalia: World Bank Ink New Agreement

Mogadishu- Somali Times The Somali Finance Minister , Dr. Abdirahman Duale Beyle and World Bank Director for East Africa, Bella Bird signed today $ 80 Million for the first part of the world bank project sponsored by the Somali government.

The Finance Minister said the World Bank has been greatly welcomed by the government and the Somali people in the debt relief process and decided to reward $ 140 million, with a $ 80-Million-year high of the World Bank’s recently approved.

East Africa’s World Bank Director, Bella Bird signed an agreement with the $ 80 million agreement that the World Bank is praiseworthy to the Somali government for its commitment to economic development and the debt relief process.

Minister Dr Abdirahman Duale Boyle said the agreement today and the government signed with the European Union to show the government’s strong commitment to re-engaging the international community.
The Minister thanked the Somali people for their full participation in the country’s economic reform efforts and announced that if the government’s efforts are to accelerate the development of a larger scale.