Mogadishu mayor meets World Bank delegation at his office

The mayor of Mogadishu and the governor of Benadir region, Mr Abdirahman Omar Osman  has on Monday, May 14 received a high-level World Bank delegation at his office in the capital.
A delegation led by World Bank Country director, Bella Bird has arrived in Mogadishu barely a day after Somalia-World Bank conference concluded in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.
The mayor and Mrs Bella Bird have discussed on wide range issues, including  development projects to be carried out in Mogadishu starting from July this year and the rebuilding of the infrastructure.

“I received World Bank delegation in my office led by Bella Bird and discussed the development of Mogadishu,” said Mogadishu mayor in a Twitter post.
Speaking to the local media after the meeting, Bella Bird said World Bank has built a partnership in Mogadishu to impalement road rehabilitation projects in the entire districts in the city this year.
“We are very excited about the work to rehabilitate the roads across the city that will be starting in July this year,” said Bella Bird, World Bank’s Country director during the press conference.
Since taking office in January, the mayor has done a momentous work in the capital, mainly in the fields development, rebuilding, humanitarian, security and bringing the services closer to the public.
Mogadishu is currently making greater transformation as the seaside city is recovering from the wounds of the conflict and regaining its former glory as one of the most beautiful cities in Africa.