Is President Hassan Sheikh not aware that Russia and Somalia have a long history of friendship and cooperation?

File Photo /Somali Times

By Professor Abdiwahab Sheikh Abdisamad

Doesn’t President Hassan Sheikh know that Russia & Somalia have had a long history of friendship & cooperation? Wasn’t the Russian-led USSR that helped nascent Somalia set up its military to defend its borders in 1964 when the collective west wholly declined Somalia’s request?

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That not withstanding all the humanitarian aid & diplomatic support during the Cold War was wholly Russia’s. Russian led Soviet initiated the following projects, Kismayo port and airport, Somali meat factory, Wajid hospital, Sheikh Hospital, Mogadishu milk factory, Faanoole project, Mogadishu printing press, upgraded Radio Mogadishu, Balidoogle military airport, Berbera port and airport, Lasqoray fish factory and many more projects Mr President kindly mention any tangible projects carried out our western friends in Somalia except Italy.

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The modern Somali state has greatly benefited from Russian led Soviet help, Somalia should be seeking friends in 2024 like 1964, not parroting Zelenskyy-style shows on European stages.

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Despite the historical shifts, Russia still offers to support Somalia in its revival, weeks ago Russian Africa wheat grain docked at Mogadishu port, Who does president Hassan Sheikh speak for? Certainly not Somalis. Will he stop at nothing to appease his western masters?

The fight to safeguard Somali territorial integrity does not work with antagonizing a UN Security Council Veto Member, when we only have Russia & China’s support on the council while the unhelpful western member states are Somali penholders!

Mr President please comeback to your senses and apologise to Russia federation. If you can’t assist them don’t be part of imperialist forces.