Mogadishu mayor said to stop traders at al-Shabaab extortion payments

Photo/Somali Times

The Mayor of Mogadishu, Omar Mohamed (Filish), speaking at demonstrations in Mogadishu which opposition group urged Mogadishu traders. He told landowners and businessmen businesswomen to be aware of the extortion money they give to al- shabaab is destroying their children, lives and called on them to refrain from robbing Al-Shabaab, and also advised the schools teachers to inform students. teach their enemies. is al-Shabaab.

“We will not abandon those who have done this to our children and soldiers, and I have spoken to them and said,” We will not weep. Omar Filish vowed that he will not abandon those who have been so used to the Somali army and children and will not cry every day for revenge against the enemy.

On December 28, 2019, at least 95 people were killed by an al-Shabaab suicide bombing at Ex-Control Afgoye.