IGAD leaders turned away violation of the territorial independence of Somalia by Ethiopia

The summit of the IGAD regional organization was concluded, and a press release was issued in support of Somalia.

The leaders of IGAD have turned away from the violation of the territorial independence of Somalia by the Ethiopian government.

This emergency summit will be the 42nd of the IGAD Regional Organization, it was held today in Kampala, Uganda, and several critical points were issued, the most important of which are two points:

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1 – IGAD leaders agreed that the territorial independence of the Federal Republic of Somalia is inviolable.

2 – The leaders proposed that any agreement with Somalia must be signed by the federal government of Somalia.

The President of Djibouti, Ismail Omar Guelleh, chaired the emergency meeting of IGAD, and was attended by the President of Somalia and the presidents of other IGAD countries.

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When the meeting was announced, Ethiopia said that it could not participate, suggesting that the meeting be postponed, but the leaders of IGAD insisted that the meeting be held.

The Secretary General of IGAD, who is from Ethiopia, and who served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, attended the meeting, and the statement was signed by the secretary, which makes Ethiopia a party to the decision of IGAD.

“To respect all the basic principles of respect for the dignity, unity and territorial boundaries of the federal government of Somalia, and to respect that independence in every way.” the statement said.