Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital is now a lawless city

File Photo/Somali Times

The governor of Banadir region and the mayor of Mogadishu Yusuf Hussein Jimale last night chaired a meeting to discuss public security in Mogadishu. Somalia’s capital, is now a lawless city.

The meeting which was held at the general command center of the Banadir regional police department was attended by the two deputy governors of the regional administration, the Banadir regional police commander and the governors of the Banadir regional districts.

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Somalia since Hassan Sheikh became President of Somalia for the second time on 15 May 2022, Somalia became lawless and there is no security, crime is higher, murder and rape has increased. Al-Shabab is starting to control most of Mogadishu and the surrounding area because they have connections inside Hassan Sheikh’s government.

The purpose of the meeting was to be held accountable and to share information, and it was particularly focused on dealing with the insecure situation in Banadir region and how to speed up the security of the capital city of Mogadishu.

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It was also discussed in this meeting how to prevent the attacks of the Al-Shabab terrorist group, and to strengthen the fight against gangs and narcotics that have been complained about by the people of Mogadishu.

Hassan Sheikh’s government fail to control only Mogadishu so how are they going to control the rest of Somalia, its borders and sovereignty.