Monica Juma in London 27 June, Emerging smear campaign

Kenya’s foreign minister Monica Juma has attended that meeting as a last resort, dig deep and heavy-lifting towards the diplomatic cliff with Somalia. Mrs. Juma addressed that, Somalia is trying to take Kenya’s sea. Also, Juma says that the ICJ has no mandate to handle this. issue. Bear in mind this, plenty of political pundits and talking heads opined that,

The reason behind Kenya’s demonization and smear campaign against everyone who tries to handle the maritime dispute is, Kenya believes that, they will be the underdog. So, Kenya is looking for tradeoff among Somalia and Kenya in order to get at least some area of Somalia’s sea. Suffice it to say that, it’s candid, crystal clear and self-explanatory Kenya is the aggressor and Somalia is the victim. Because, Somalia employs “maximum restraint” while Kenya applies “maximum pressure” and Monica’s charm offensive trip was to drum up support and coax the international family to their blatant aggression, ridiculous voracious and frivolous demand of Somalia’s sea.

And finally, Kenya’s cockroach strategy is dead on arrival and will end futile. And that is why Kenya is trying to usurp Somalia’s sea. Their clueless towards the forlorn hope that they undertake will wreak havoc and in vain surely.

By Anwar Abdifatah Bashir