Mustafe Martín and his wife were arrested in Hargeisa

Mustafe Mohamed Martin

Mustafe Mohamed Martin, a person who comments on political issues on social media, and who used to be an opponent of the government of Somaliland, was arrested in Hargeisa.

Martin, who lives in the United States, was arrested after he and his wife traveled to Somaliland this week, and the real reason for his arrest is unknown.

So, Martin, during the election of President Bihi, strongly opposed it, describing it as an unfair election, and while he was abroad, he called himself the president of Somaliland.

Martin has also visited some areas of Somalia such as Puntland, often spreading his thoughts on social media against Somaliland, although he has returned from his previous opinion, and is now advocating for the cause of Somaliland and its existence.

Singers and other famous personalities welcomed Martin at the Egal Airport in Hargeisa, when he arrived in Somaliland this week, where he made speeches urging the community to maintain peace and build the country.