The new Mayor of Banadir region and Turkish ambassador to Somalia have discussed key issues

Photo/Somali Times

Mogadishu Mayor  Abdirahman Omar Osman  meets with Turkish ambassador to Somalia  Olgan Bekar, discussed several issues related to the situation in the Benadir region.

Olgan  Bekar first congratulated the newly elected Chairman of Benadir Regional Administration. He said that there is a very good relationship between Turkey and Somalia, and he is working with the administration in Mogadishu. He said they discussed the needs of the people of Mogadishu,

As Turkey is one of the main supporters of the Somali government, and has already implemented development projects in Mogadishu, such as building roads, health centers and educational facilities. The new governor of Benadir region Abdirahman Omar Osman. said he was pleased with the ambassador’s visit, saying he would promote the co-operation between the Turkish embassy and Banadir region.