Paranoid Abiy Ahmed fired and arrested Ethiopia’s state minister of peace

File Photo/Somali Times

On 11 December 2023, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed dismissed Taye Dendea from his cabinet-level role in a letter expressing gratitude for his service since October 2021. However, the reasons for his termination were not specified.

Following his dismissal, Taye Dendea characterized Prime Minister Abiy as someone who is “playing with human blood.” Taye Dendea has been an outspoken critic of the administration in his home region of Oromia.

According to Reuters reported the move against Taye Dendea, a senior member of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s party, follows a series of social media posts he has made in the past week criticising the government for failing to maintain peace in the country.

Last week Taye Dendea blamed the government for the failure of a second round of peace talks between Ethiopia and the rebel group Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), which took place in Tanzania last month.

A statement sent by the security apparatus to state media said surveillance revealed Taye was in touch with rebel groups, including the OLA, with the aim to topple the current administration.

“I understand that you removed me from power because I stand for the for peace so that the killing of the brothers would stop,” said Taye Dendea in a Facebook post on Monday.